Textured Coatings

External Coatings can apply a variety of textured coating to your home or premises. Coatings are available in a variety of different textures and can be applied in either a spray or trowel finish.

Colour Options for Textured Coatings Finish

A high-performance thin coat render formulated with silicone resins to offer a highly permeable and water-resistant finish.

External coatings are able to apply an array of different textured coating options to your house or commercial property.

Depending on the existing surface you are trying to cover would depend on the amount of textured coating we would apply. This technique is the ideal way to cover any imperfections on the exterior of your home or property.

Over the years, properties can start to show evidence of previous repairs or general wear and tear. Try to cover these imperfections with traditional masonry paints just will not cut it, and you can often make the situation a lot worse. Traditional paints only apply a very thin layer of coating leaving the imperfection clearly visible. Ideally for a truly professional job, existing old render should be removed and a new render applied to the structure of the building. This can be a very costly process indeed and may not be an option for people with a limited budget.

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A more cost-effective solution would be to apply a textured coating system. This system is applied to your house or property at a much thicker rate, ensuring that all imperfections can be covered. In some cases, we can also apply a textured coating without the need for scaffolding or other expensive access equipment.

Textured coatings can be applied over all the following surfaces: Cement render, Pebbledash, Brick, painted surfaces, and many more.

You may be considering a decorator to paint the exterior of your property. This can be very costly as you can’t really judge how long this process will take. The other main disadvantage this that this will need to be maintained and a new layer of paint applied every couple of years.

With our new textured coating solution, we can ensure low maintenance with no need to repaint for up to 15 years. Our application also helps to weatherproof your home and keep your property looking amazing for years to come.

What are the benefits of textured coatings?

Can help reduce to stop damp within your property and reduce water ingress It helps cut condensation within your home. Reduces heat loss impacting on energy costs. A wide range of colour options available to suit all tastes. A number of different finishes available upon request. Protects your home from the elements Over 30 years of experience.

Textured Coatings are ideal for surfaces that are generally sound, free of movement, and that is not wet. These textured coatings are A high-performance thin coat render formulated with silicone resins that offer a highly permeable and water-resistant finish. Over the years, textured coatings have changed dramatically, with millions of pounds of research being invested to improve the look and finish each and every year.

External Coatings only work with reputable suppliers and can guarantee work for up to 20 years. However, if applied correctly, these should exceed this life expectancy. There are so many benefits to using textured coatings on your property. The most common advantages are that it will allow your brickwork to breathe. It is also chip, peel, and flake resistant due to the way it is manufactured. Textured coatings are also a fantastic way to hide any imperfections and mask any repairs or building alterations that have had carried out.