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Textured Coatings

Transform your property with our exquisite textured coatings — an artful fusion of aesthetic brilliance and durable protection.

What is Textured Coating?

Textured coating, often referred to as textured paint or exterior wall coatings, is a specialized type of coating applied to the external surfaces of buildings to enhance their appearance, provide protection, and offer specific functional benefits.

Understanding the Advantages of Textured Coatings

Enhanced Aesthetics and Versatile Finishes

Elevate the visual appeal of your property with our textured coatings, offering a diverse range of finishes to suit every taste. Unlike traditional masonry paints, our textured coatings provide a thicker application, seamlessly concealing imperfections on surfaces like cement render, pebbledash, brick, and painted surfaces.

Cost-Effective Solution and Easy Application

Say goodbye to the expense and disruption of removing and reapplying old render. Our textured coating system offers a budget-friendly alternative, ensuring comprehensive coverage without the need for extensive scaffolding or access equipment. The application process is streamlined, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Weatherproofing and Long-Term Maintenance Benefit

Our textured coatings go beyond aesthetics, offering practical benefits that enhance the longevity of your property. These coatings act as a protective barrier, reducing dampness and preventing water ingress. Additionally, they contribute to energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss, leading to lower energy costs.

The Process

Embark on a seamless journey toward transforming your property with External Coatings. Our meticulously curated process ensures a hassle-free experience from consultation to completion.

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